Sculpture plaster woman


The torso in a sculpture is the body of a man or woman smoothed in stone, cast in bronze or made of another material.

Understanding the torso is related to classical antique art. Stone sculptures, for example, could not stand for centuries for a variety of reasons. Such statues were damaged due to earthquakes, various natural disasters, wars. The dislocated parts of the body, the limbs were torn, lost and only the torso remained. Such sculptures, created in antiquity, are richly preserved to this day. A sculpture without limbs is often executed with such high craftsmanship that it is astonishing. The Belvedere torso, which is preserved in Rome, fascinated such a master sculptor as the well-known Michelangelo, who periodically spent hours staring at this amazing masterpiece of art. This had a great impact on the future creativity of the sculptor.

From ancient times the masters began to sculpt the torsos , where the limbs were not purposefully made. This is how such a genre of torso was formed. Some works of this genre even with such high craftsmanship and taste Is performed so that it is difficult to keep an eye on.

The purpose of the torso in both classical and modern art is to beautify the interior or exterior

The main task for the sculptor is to convey the beauty of the body of a man or a woman so that the space where the sculpture is to be erected becomes a reason for the viewer to perceive aesthetic beauty.

That is why, all over the world, artists from different eras are trying to successfully introduce this theme in their work. There is no sculptor who does not have his own version of the torso of a woman or a man. Where the main task is the beauty of the body. The torso created in the language of sculpture, no matter what material it is made of with visual sensation, must first be dense, which adds more sculpture to the work. Also especially important in modern sculpture is the e. წ. Revive using various scratches or other small lies. Such Modern sculpture becomes more beautiful and interesting for visitors. However some visitors prefer classic creations and this is certainly legal. As they say, they do not argue about taste. Here and there it is possible to create master sculptures in the appropriate style.

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