The statue is a gift

Making sculptures from Tbilisi stone
The statue is a gift

The statue is a gift

At parties, birthdays or other celebrations, people have a small problem – a gift. At this or that event, the quality of the gift is of great importance, because the gift is often passed from hand to hand in the presence of other guests, and it attracts the attention of those around. The main purpose of the gift is to gain attention and approval. A gift given to a dear person on a birthday should first of all be appreciated.

People spend a lot of time choosing a gift. Many go to stores, search on the Internet, and their choice is usually not always the best. A hasty decision can be the reason for buying and then giving a low-quality or even uninteresting gift.

That’s why Irart and a team of professional sculptors will help you solve this small problem. By order, it is possible to make any type of small size statue in any material acceptable to you. It can be a small portrait, figure, bust, torso or anything that can be placed in the room. For example, on a desk or a closet. This type of gift may be more expensive than something bought in a store, but instead you will be giving your loved one a small piece of art created by a professional sculptor and will add more prestige to your decision in terms of value. After all, giving a gift is related to the pleasure of both the giver and the dear person who will receive it and keep it for the rest of their life.

Many people often spend their hard-earned money on things that they will not or cannot use in the future. Such things are sometimes given as gifts. They constantly take up space in closets or other storage rooms and sooner or later end up in trash cans near the house. That is why it is important to make the right choice.

Recently, a culture of giving statues as a gift is being formed in the society. Giving a small piece of art as a gift is prestigious and important in terms of value. A small cabinet sculpture will surely decorate your space and make it more attractive for visitors.

In the era of digital technologies, at the initial stage, interest in fine art seemed to disappear, to fall asleep

But today, society has re-evaluated its values of fine arts, including sculpture, and is more interested in works of art . A state cannot exist without culture. Of course, we will not talk about the relationship between culture and art. One thing is completely clear. Sculpture has existed since the time of the primitive homosapiens, exists and will exist in the future because it is the creative ability of man, the difference between animal and man. Therefore, there will always be both a sculptor and an appreciator.

Give each other works of art, make each other’s lives more beautiful, and don’t forget that people come and go, and fine art is immortal and eternal.