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The language of sculpture

The language of sculpture

As they say they do not argue about taste. It says well, but not everything is so simple. There is one taste in the sculpture and the language of the other sculpture, the elementary canon that distinguishes the sculpture from the mannequin, doll or any other image.

The sculpture, no matter what material it is made of , must be full, dense, embossed. When sculpting sculptures made of lightweight material, there should be a feeling of heaviness and the texture should give a feeling of solidity. The crumpled forms are non-sculptural. It is not attractive and such a statue will not be successful. The statue must be bound on all sides. It is desirable not to loosen the forms, which will violate its integrity. Sculpture experts say that if a good statue falls from a mountain, nothing should be broken. However, there are many good sculptures where some form, for example the limbs of the body are stretched, but is executed with such mastery that it does not irritate the eyes. Therefore, the sculpture does not interfere with conveying the message and at the same time preserves the integrity, density, grandeur regardless of the size of the sculpture.

No less important is the fact that the round sculpture is not only readable from all sides, but also beautiful and interesting. This is important Especially in the case of monumental sculptures. The monumental sculpture standing on the square should be interesting for the visitor from any place. It should beautify the space and respond from different angles to what is being said about a particular topic. For example a monumental figure, compared to the human body, may have a large hand, a small head, deep eyes, and so on. Which means by using lies in quotation marks the sculptor tries to read his sculpture correctly from different angles and make it pleasing to the eye. The monument seen from afar should not irritate the visitor. This requires great skill. Such a statue may be good up close, but from a distance it looks completely different and can not meet the requirements of the monument.

When setting up a statue, even in a small yard, a special and often crucial role is given to the correct selection of size and place. The finished sculpture in the workshop may look great, but after installation in the yard it will shrink, not complement, do not beautify such a garden.

That is why Irart and a group of experienced sculptors offer their services, where all the criteria of sculpture will be met and at the same time will meet the task set by the client. Live beautifully and tastefully .