Sculpture making Tbilisi woman
Sculpture in Georgia

Sculptures in Georgia

The round sculpture only dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century in Georgia. The first Georgian sculptor to be educated in France with the funding of Georgian patrons was Iakob Nikoladze. He attended the School of French Sculpture in Paris. For a year he was a student of the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin, who was already quite famous at the time, who certainly had a great impression and influence on the young sculptor’s work. He also traveled to Italy and studied the works of Renaissance masters, which played a major role in the development of the sculptor. Upon his return to his homeland, it is to his credit that other sculptors appeared. They laid the foundation for the development of the field. Iakob Nikoladze is considered to be the founder of Georgian sculpture.

Patterns of round sculptures have not been found in Georgia since the ancient period. The culture of making round sculptures was not typical of the Orthodox community, as this type of sculpture was associated with idols and pagan idolatry in general. Instead, the relief sculpture was well developed in Georgia. As evidenced by the numerous bas-reliefs on religious themes. Mostly depicted saints as well as religious scenes. Our temples are decorated with reliefs of ornaments made with special taste and craftsmanship.

Contemporary sculptors in Georgia

In modern times, the most talented Georgian sculptors feel complete freedom. There is no restriction or censorship that restricts the sculptor’s creative freedom. Hopefully with the development of our country, more attention will be paid to this field of fine arts and the potential of modern sculptors will be fully utilized.

Recently, in Georgia, the public is becoming more and more interested in this field of art. People often try to beautify their space with sculptures. It even allows sculptors to open up and these are new opportunities for creative realization.