Sculpture forms

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Sculpture forms

Art historians divide the shape of the sculpture into two main parts. Round sculpture and relief. There are several subforms of relief.

Round sculpture

Round sculpture This is a sculptural figure, a composition of figures, a torso bust and so on. Sh. Simply put it is a sculpture in space that we can encircle from all sides.

Relief sculpture

Relief This is the form of a sculpture where a figure is placed on a flat surface and its view can only be perceived from the front.

The relief sculpture is divided into three parts:

1. Bas-relief

A bas-relief is a relief in which the figure rises less than halfway across the plane.

2. Gorelief

Gorelief This is a form of relief where the figure is halfway up the plane.

3. Counter-relief

Counter-relief This is a form of relief in which the figure is inverted in relation to the plane.

The relief is interesting for the sculptor in that it allows him to convey historical or religious stories in more detail using different elements.

The relief type sculpture was widely used to beautify historical and religious buildings.