Making sculptures from Tbilisi stone
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A portrait in a sculpture is the face of a particular person, a physiognomy that conveys the resemblance and character of that person. In the past, when there were no photographic technologies that could convey the image of an emperor, king, knight, philosopher or other historical figure, fine art was used. Namely painting, graphics and sculpture. The historical people listed above posed with particular patience in front of painters and sculptors to make history touch on their fine images for posterity. The palaces of the rich nobles were decorated with portraits of their ancestors. Would it be a painting if the sculpture was made of stone or bronze. Such an approach of wealthy nobles has preserved for mankind not a single masterpiece.

In contemporary fine arts, portraiture plays no less a role

Artists are more free in their own creations. Such a portrait should be executed with good taste and beautify the space where it should be placed.

Modernist painters and sculptors often use portraits in their work. The difference is that the main task for contemporary artists is not to look like a specific person, which is not particularly difficult, but beyond the hints of a particular person’s character, preference is given to the beauty of the work, not the performance, but The quality of art as a work of art . This is why portraits of famous people are often found in modern art, where there is almost no real resemblance, but instead priority is given to tasteful performance. Such a portrait has a symbolic load. It can depict strength, beauty, beauty, etc.

Portrait, as an example of the sculpture genre , has always been and will continue to be a topical issue for the public. It changes the purpose, the look and the adaptation to the needs of this or that epoch or society. Priority will be given to physical similarity or high artistic value, as determined by demand. However, this combination is of course possible and depends on the mastery of the sculptor.

Irart and an experienced team of professional sculptors offer sculpture of any kind of portrait, as well as transfer, transportation and installation of any material.

Preserve the image of ancestors to the next generation not only through digital technology but also through the use of true art.