Monumental sculpture

Sculpture making Tbilisi horse
Monumental sculpture

As you know there are different types of sculpture. Each type of sculpture has a corresponding purpose

The monumental sculpture on the one hand creates a unified organism with the architectural project and the sculptor works closely with the architects. Monumental sculpture on the other hand means big, grand, important, permanent.

Monumental sculpture serves to beautify the space by using large statues in squares, buildings and generally in a large space. Be it a memorial, a monument, a historical figure, or any other sculptural image. Often the erection of such monuments serves as a symbolic celebration of victory, of success in different historical periods. Depictions of successful kings, military leaders, philosophers, scientists, and other public figures. The sculptural depiction of this or that important person or deity dates back to ancient times. For example in ancient Egyptian society. Egyptian sculpture surprises us with a special monumental By transmission. Sculptures made with such high craftsmanship represent the boundary and perfection of monumental thinking.

Monumental sculpture is also characteristic of the Renaissance era and it is a proud, integral part of Western culture.

Squares, buildings and other public places in Italy, Greece, France, Spain or other European countries are rich in monumental sculpture.

The attempt of a person to convey something grand, big and important, while the sculpture can be read in a huge space, is typical for any society in the world. Of course more or less successfully.