Sculpture making Tbilisi
Monumental and easel sculpture

Monumental and easel sculpture

Sculpture is a word of Latin origin (sculptura) which means to cut, to sculpt. The sculpture there is monumental and easel.

Monumental sculpture

Monumental sculptures depict large body sculptures often depicting important historical people.

The monumental sculpture dates back to the Stone Age. There are not a single brilliant specimen of that time.

In Egypt, monumental sculpture was used to beautify buildings and can be considered the boundary of monumental thinking and a guide for modern sculptors. It depicts kings, gods, mythological heroes. Ancient Egyptian sculptures, from an architectural point of view It combines grand buildings with special craftsmanship, creating an amazing spectacle. The flatness of such monuments evokes a special pride in people. The ancient Egyptian monumental sculpture occupies a special place in terms of world heritage and is the foundation of human history.

Easel sculpture

The easel sculpture does not primarily depend on the space in which it stands. It is a relatively small sculptural work that is perceived at close range and is not related to architectural requirements. It can be a figure, a bust, a portrait, a multi-figure composition, and so on. Sh. This type of sculpture is preserved in buildings, museums, private collections. Patterns of easel sculptures can also be found in the open.

The easel sculpture is mostly natural, or smaller in size in relation to human proportions, making it possible to move. Patterns of easel sculpture are used to beautify the interior or exterior of any space, which creates a certain positive aura not in terms of architecture, but directly in terms of sculpture.

The easel sculpture is not limited by genre or style and is distinguished by an infinite degree of uniqueness that allows the sculptor to create Any kind of image and not be limited by architectural canon. The finished sculpture can be equally successfully decorated in different spaces or the place can be further selected.

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