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Artistic decoration of the building
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Decorations of buildings

Artistic decoration of the building

The need for aesthetic beauty has been a priority for man since ancient times

History has preserved many architectural structures that are still admired and often surprised. The environment in which excellent people lived was visually constantly improving. During the existence of mankind there were periods when successful people competed with each other over who would create a more beautiful environment around their own living space. A striking example of this is the Baroque architecture of the late Renaissance period, which originated in Rome and later spread throughout Europe. This classic style of the 16th, 18th century will conquer the whole world in the future. There is no medium-sized city where, from an architectural point of view, this classic style does not have the greatest influence.

Most buildings of this style today are on the verge of collapse.

The various architectural details of the buildings have been reduced to ornaments, no longer readable inscriptions, or other decorative elements, traces of colors have been erased. Due to incompetence, low qualifications and other reasons, timely, quality restoration is not always possible. Poor implementation of such projects brings disastrous results. It often becomes necessary to re-produce restoration work, which is quite expensive and damages the process.

The Baroque idea is about beauty, pomp and luxury. In addition to being a classic art, at the same time it is a history, a legacy inherited from our ancestors that needs worthy care and warning.

A team of highly experienced and highly qualified artists offers artistic restoration of the facade of any building. Which envisages restoration-renewal of architectural, decorative elements. Restoration of carvings or any kind of sculptural reliefs. High quality service is guaranteed at different times, against the background of various successful works. I wish you to live in a beautiful environment.

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