Carvings from stone
Facade Design

Facade Design

There are many historical European type buildings in Tbilisi and in Georgia in general, which are neglected and damaged for various reasons. There are entire neighborhoods where most of the buildings are in need of urgent restoration. Traces of decorative architectural elements on such buildings are either severely damaged, or almost erased. Which poses a threat of total loss of original elements on historic buildings.

The caring approach to historic buildings is directly related to the development of tourism in our country. Which is a precondition for the progress and success of the Georgian economy.

Professionals in building restoration

There are professional architects , constructors, sculptors, restorers in Georgia who have the relevant knowledge and experience to deal with such challenges. With the opportunity, desire and will, it is possible to revive, to restore the beauty that was felt in the past in the old quarters of our cities and created an incomparable aura, a positive mood. Attracted, charmed and often admired by foreign guests or visitors. This is our wealth, which needs care and patronage. Hopefully, with the development of the country, this important issue will become relevant and the next generation will not lose the legacy that our ancestors have preserved until today.