cabinet sculpture

Making sculptures from Tbilisi stone
cabinet sculpture

cabinet sculpture

Everyone is interested in beautifying their workspace. Some people spend almost the whole day in this space. It is possible to beautify the cabinet not only with different design elements, but also with a sculpture .

Cabinet sculpture is usually medium or in most cases small in size. It can be a portrait of one’s own idol, public figure, writer, poet, political or historical figure, as well as a relatively small beautiful torso or at least an abstract modernist bio-form. In a word, except for a large-sized monumental sculpture, any composition that is done with good taste can fit into the interior design. When creating a cabinet sculpture, the author has no restrictions. The boundless will of freedom leads to the creation of high-quality work.

Cabinet sculpture can display the logotype of any brand or organization and have a symbolic load. This type of cabinet sculpture can be given as a gift or reward. His place will definitely be in the office.

Since ancient times, cabinet statues have decorated the offices of kings, emperors and other nobles.

Emperors were proud of their ancestor philosophers and commissioned portraits from sculptors. Such works decorated their cabinets and halls, which are abundantly preserved to this day and are kept in various museums of the world.

In our days, cabinet sculpture does not lose its relevance and in some cases acquires character with use. Modern businessmen order images of logos of their organizations from sculptors. Then these statues will be given as gifts to persons who , in their opinion, deserve to be awarded. This type of gift is a kind of advertisement and appreciation at the same time. This adds prestige and representativeness to the company.

Irart and a group of professional sculptors offer any type of cabinet sculpture in any material. It can be a symbol of the company or any other statue of your choice. Beautify your work environment with good taste cabinet sculptures, enrich your cabinets, which will positively transform your mood and add prestige to your image.