Bronze bust
Bronze statue in the wind

Bronze statue in the wind

The bronze wind is created not as a portrait of a particular person, but as an pictorial demonstration of feeling, feeling, character.

The purpose of this particular sculpture is related to the author’s ability to paint the pleasant or, conversely, unpleasant feeling of a woman in the wind, something that different visitors perceive and see differently. The purpose of fine arts is also when people not only see art, but also understand and feel it. This particular work depicts a windy day where a young woman accidentally happened and her feeling is positive or disturbing, it will be judged individually by the visitors. It seems that not only the visual effect can be beautiful, but also the feeling, sensation and mood can be seen and perceived by an individual appreciating various arts.

Part of the performance

As for the cast part of the sculpted sculpture , it is cast in several pieces of bronze and then welded. For special strength it is fastened with special carefully designed fasteners. Clicking techniques are also used. This is necessary so that the visual side is not damaged and the joints are not noticeably noticeable. Such equipment requires special precision. It also takes a lot of time to adjust the details to each other. It is important that the sculpture be fairly firmly and securely joined, as a life-size bust can weigh about 100 to 150 kilograms . It even depends on the craftsmanship. The thinner (of course within reasonable limits) the work is, the more skillfully it is executed. An error when adjusting is not allowed, because in this case of course everything is correctable, but the labor is doubled and the duration of the order is increased. Because of this we may even get a dissatisfied customer. Which is fair. Fulfilling the agreement is the key to success.