Making sculptures from Tbilisi stone
Artificial stone

Artificial stone

The history of mankind remembers not a single magnificent sculpture made in different eras in natural stone. The sculpture made of stone is associated with special care. Not to mention the volume of labor.

New, innovative possibilities have emerged in modern conditions, which are enjoyed by many sculptors around the world.

One such new material is Polystone

Polystone is a chemical multi-component viscous liquid that mixes with marble dust in varying proportions. It is also possible to use pigments in it, which, when mixed in the total mass, will give the desired color to the sculpture.

What is the advantage of polystone over natural stone. Let’s start with the fact that a sculpture made in Polystone is hard to distinguish from one made in stone. It is often impossible to distinguish it. It is very similar to marble because it contains natural marble dust. The chemical components even provide a bundle of stone dust. The advantages over natural stone are many. Polystone does not react with air, is particularly resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This even allows the sculpture to be erected in the open space. It will be reduced by the scorching rays of the sun. It can withstand both high temperatures and frost, does not react with chemical detergents, has no odor, practically does not age visually, retains its original appearance in contrast to natural stone, etc. The most important thing is that it does not emit radiation and is absolutely safe. Sculptures made of such material can be erected both indoors and outdoors.

Polystone is cheaper than stone and makes sculpture affordable. Why not create masterpieces in Polystone in the past, because then such technologies did not exist and are innovative. There was no lighter, people used lighters, there was no lighter, flint was used.

In short, polystone has many advantages over natural stone except for one, which is called complacency. Some people still prefer stone. Such a conservative approach to stone love is certainly legitimate, but not available to everyone. This certainly does not mean that sculpture made in Polystone is accessible to everyone, but compared to stone and especially white marble it is significantly cheaper for any project. Not to mention the benefits we have already discussed above.

Progress is not on the ground

The sculpture industry is also evolving. Irart offers any kind of sculpture made of both natural stone and innovative polystone.

Do not forget that life without a statue is possible, but life with a statue is more beautiful and wonderful. It even raises a positive mood and beautifies life.