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A statue on a religious theme

A statue on a religious theme

Samples of round sculptures have not been found in Georgia for centuries. The reason for this was the rejection of this type of statue by the Christian Orthodox Church. The round statue was associated with religious idols of ancient times. Consequently, unlike the Catholic community, the erection of statues in Orthodox temples was prohibited. That is why today there are no samples of round sculptures in the Georgian Orthodox Church, as well as in the Orthodox culture of the whole world.

Instead there are numerous relief sculptures depicting saints of the Orthodox Church. There are many bas-reliefs of different eras, religious scenes, masterpieces of Georgian carving carved in stone, which is especially distinguished by its great beauty and taste. With sophistication, elegance, canonical rigor. This type of sculpture plays a special role in the history and culture of the Georgian Orthodox community. Over the centuries, sculptors from different eras have created relief masterpieces with particular enthusiasm. While the Renaissance and Renaissance were flourishing in Europe, Georgia was in a difficult period. Endless invasions, wars, uprisings weakened the country, but nonetheless, often self-taught artists and sculptors unselfishly served the arts. Temples were built. These temples were then painted, the reliefs carved in stone. Beautiful architectural and decorative elements were created. The gates intersected the wood. Were it not for faith and love of homeland, we would not have such high-level masterpieces of art. The Georgian Orthodox Church has a special role and merit in this great cause. He still managed to support the arts despite the greatest hardships. It is the result of such enthusiasm and diligence that so many magnificent temples adorn every region of our little homeland.

Today, temples are built and painted in Georgia, relief images, decorative ornaments are carved in stone, and all this is done in strict compliance with historical-religious laws. Such an approach unites and strengthens society.

Irart and a group of professional sculptors offer their own services. To keep together and strengthen our traditions.